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Mobile Security Analysis

Date 18 - 21 Oct 2022
Time 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Mode Online
Fee Training: RM3,500.00 (Fees exclude 6% SST)

Mobile Security Analysis Training is a 4 days hands-on training programme that designed specifically to understand the basics of mobile application security. Important areas are highlighted such as mobile application security architecture design, file structure, various analysis and mining techniques on common mobile application security vulnerabilities. The course also includes the demonstration on how these security vulnerabilities could be exploited by threat actors and how to avoid the common coding mistakes in mobile application development.

  1. Understand the mobile application security architecture design and principle
  2. Describe the mobile application file structure
  3. Demonstrate the use of static and dynamic analysis technique
  4. Identify and avoid the common coding mistakes in mobile application development
  5. Demonstrate how the security issues are exploited by attackers
  6. Understand the common vulnerability mining techniques for mobile applications
  7. Discuss the mobile application communication security
  8. Describe the principles and methods of common security vulnerabilities in mobile applications

Application developer, software engineer, programmer, system analyst, system designer, solution architect, software consultant, software tester and quality assurance, Information Security officer, security auditor, governance and compliance officer, CISO, CSO, CTO, CIO or anyone who is looking to up skill their level in understanding, designing, developing and auditing secure mobile application.

Should possess an understanding of IT, computer and mobile network, database operations, mobile application development fundamental.  Experience in security concept such as Access Control, Security Compliance, Encryption, Audit, Database and System Administration. At least one year working experience in IT operations.

  1. Module 1 - Mobile application security design and architecture
  2. Module 2 - Basic knowledge of mobile application
  3. Module 3 - Dynamic and static analysis technology and Hook technology
  4. Module 4 - Mobile application communication security
  5. Module 5 - Common vulnerabilities in mobile applications