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Certified Digital Forensic for First Responder (CDFFR)

Date 24 – 27 September 2019
Time 8.30 am - 5.00 pm
Venue Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Fee Training: RM5,450.00 | Exam: RM800.00 (Fees exclude 6% SST)
Level Certification

Certified Digital Forensic for First Responder (CDFFR) is a 4 days hands-on training and certification programme that intended for officers who identify and seize digital evidence at crime scene. This course will teach in-depth, with hands-on practices in class, on the methods of seizing and acquiring digital evidence.

  1. To be able to apply digital forensics methodology in work;
  2. To be able to seize, acquire and preserve digital evidence at crime scene;
  3. To know latest digital media and storage system as well as forensics tools;
  4. To be able to participant in discussion and meeting on digital forensics matters;
  5. To understand the role of First Responder.
  1. Incident Response team members
  2. Law Enforcement Officers
  3. E-Discovery Personnel
  4. Judges and Lawyers
  5. Information Security professionals

The CDFFR examination is certified by the Global ACE Scheme. The examination framework is designed to align with a set of relevant Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSA) that are necessary for an Information Security Awareness Manager. Candidates will be tested via a combination of either continual assessment (CA), multiple choice (MC), theory/underpinning knowledge assessment (UK), practical assessment (PA), assignments (AS) and case studies (CS) as required.

Candidates can take the examination at authorized examination centres in participating scheme member countries. Candidates who have successfully passed the CDFFR examination will be eligible to apply as an associate or professional member by fulfilling the membership criteria defined under the Global ACE Scheme.

Day 1

  1. Digital Forensics in Malaysia

    Digital evidence, Types of digital forensics & its potential evidence, Case studies, Computer crimes & challenges.

  2. Digital Forensics Methodology & Terminology

    Methodology, forensic terminologies.

  3. Computer Management & Digital Device

    Basic organization of computer system, How computer stores data, Bits & Bytes, Evolution of digital media & storage, Format & Wipe a disk, BIOS setting & time offset.


Day 2

  1. Digital Evidence: What Data can you retrieved?

    Types of data can be extracted from computer, mobile phone, CCTV and other types of digital device

  2. First Responder (SOP & Hands-on)

    First Responder’s roles, Process flow, Raid preparation, Conduct the raid, Collect/Acquire the evidence, Pre-analysis, Packaging, Transporting the evidence


Day 3

  1. Data Imaging

    Crime scene environments, technology & people, expectations at crime scene and choosing the best method to acquire data

  2. Image on Dead System

    Acquiring data on dead machines

  3. Image on Live System

    Acquiring data on live machines


Day 4

  1. Standards & Quality for Forensic Investigation

    Personnel management, Exhibit management, Equipment management, etc.

  2. Cyber Law

    Laws related to computer & IT in Malaysia.

  3. Expert Witness

    Becoming an expert witness, Code of ethics

  • 2 x tea break and 1 lunch for 4 day training
  • Exam Voucher worth RM1,196